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Happy New Year // Weekly Links No.4

Happy New Year to all our readers and community! Wishing you a 2019 full of beauty, joy and truth. Tonight we fly to Guatemala for two months of lakes, volcanoes, jungle and lots of cacao. After a year of so many lessons and obstacles, we are welcoming the new year with open arms and feel so ready for a change of scenery and lots of nature. We leave you with some recent thoughts and favourites…


-Currently reading this book and although I’m only a few pages in I’m already fascinated!

-Playing this on repeat while we pack!

- This is my favourite blog series on the whole internet. I love the questions and all the women they interview!

- This herbal scrub looks so beautiful and seems so fitting for a time of new starts and transformations. If we lived in the US I would be ordering one!

- This past year I (Gabriella) have really been focusing on authenticity and releasing so many layers of conditioning I’ve been carrying for years. It has been a huge journey to step more into my truth and be open to vulnerability. The Free and Native REPARENT workshop was so helpful for this work.

** photos via collated works & Tumblr *

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Weekly Links // No.3


>> Been enjoying lots of Dandelion Root ‘coffee’ with liquorice this week. Right now we use this brand but we also have a guide how to make it here.

>> Been adding this JING powder to our cacao drinks this week and we’re really loving both the flavour and benefits. This is the first Superfeast product we’ve tried and I’m so impressed with the quality.

>>Inspired by this Ram Dass quote.

>> Loved this mushroom meal plan trio. All 3 recipes look so delicious!

>> This article about reclaiming indigenous European roots.

>> After all of the wildfires in California recently, this podcast episode is so informative and interesting - uncovering the myths surrounding wildfires and its links to global warming.

>> Is Santa based on a mushroom? Read about it here

* photos sourced via tumblr *

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Weekly Links // No.2


>> Love the look of this polenta pie and this vegan herbal broth recipe

>> Really enjoying
this series right now. Attenborough is always a favourite.

>> Finding a lot of wisdom in
this book I’m currently reading.

>> My body is craving slow, restorative movement right now, so
this gentle yin yoga practice has been perfect.

>> Just ordered
this CBD oil, which we tried at the beginning of the year. CBD is gaining so much popularity right now and from personal experience we can totally understand why! In the past it’s really helped us sleep better and calms my stomach when I feel stressed/anxious.

>> Medicine Stories is one of my favourite podcasts, & I loved
this 2 part episode with herbalist Anja Robinson about womb wisdom, women’s health and addiction.

>> Inspired by
this insight for December by mystic mamma

- images via tumblr -

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