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Our favourite natural products for health, radiance and sustainable living.
We love supporting small brands who are conscious and have good intentions for the earth. 
We believe that health doesn't come from wealth, and you don't need a ton of expensive products to feel good. However, we wholly recommend all of these products for making delicious healthy food, supporting our bodies and living with less waste.  

Sustainable Living Products


Glass Straws

Mesh Product Bags

Re-usable Water Bottle

Berkey Water Filter


Food and Supplements

Raw Cacao Powder

Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

Dandelion Root Coffee

Biona Coconut Butter

Raw Dark Tahini

Organic Chia Seeds

Ashwaganda Powder

MSM Powder

Beauty and Self Care Products

Calendula Beauty Balm

Hurraw Natural Lip Balm

Aztec Clay for face masks

JASON Natural Toothpaste


Rose Water Toner

Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper

Organic Hemp Seed Sun Block