J O E    F U R I N I      &      G A B R I E L L A   H O S E

-Our intention for this website is to inspire others to create healthy, vibrant food and live in harmony with the natural world -

Our journey together began in Colombia a few years ago,
where we bonded over our love of travel, nature and delicious food.
We love creating plant based recipes inspired by our travels and working with herbs for vibrant health.

We feel so grateful to have met with so many inspiring teachers on our path - plants and humans alike.
Our wish is to eventually settle on some land together, combining our passions
for cooking, herbal medicine, yoga, kirtan & permaculture.


is a region of Colombia that we visited together, as well as the name of a river that runs into the Amazon. 
This land is rich with plant medicine, indigenous wisdom and powerful nature. 

We would love to connect with you! 

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