Weekly Links // No. 1

We hope everyone is having a beautiful week. We’re currently back in the UK, after we both unfortunately became really ill in India. After three really difficult weeks trying to recover from severe food poisoning, we had to surrender to the fact that we needed to go home. That this was more than just delhi belly and could be something quite serious. Our bodies were calling out to us in pain and we needed to listen. So we’re home for now….and we’re ok with that despite the disappointment. These past few weeks have brought us some huge lessons in patience & acceptance. We’re so grateful to be feeling better everyday. Our bodies got so so drained during those three weeks, so we’re resting and loading up on healing foods & remedies.

We wanted to start a new series on our blog sharing what’s inspiring us every week. I love reading these kind of posts on other blogs and getting recommendations for podcasts, books etc. We hope you enjoy it! We’d love to hear what you’ve been loving recently too, let us know in the comments or on Instagram.

herbal tea 1.jpg

>> This podcast on compassion (& part 2) has been SUCH medicine for me the last few days.

>> As part of our mission to heal right now, we’re drinking celery juice on an empty stomach each morning. This book by Anthony Williams is pretty mind blowing, and celery juice is his no.1 tip for healing from viruses, digestive problems & chronic illnesses. We’re on day 7 and feeling like it’s really helping us.

>>Yoga Nidra has been our saviour during some difficult times this year. This is our favourite audio to follow. If you’ve never tried it, yoga nidra is a restorative, guided meditation that is often referred to as yogic sleep. It’s so blissful and calming!

>> This podcast interview with Wim Hof is a really interesting & inspiring listen.

>>This album, this woman.

>> Loved this article on trusting the body’s ability to heal itself, and how sometimes our quest for health leads to excess.

>> During these cold and rainy days we’re keeping hydrated with lots of teas, herbal infusions and hot cacao drinks with medicinal mushrooms to boost our immunity.

What have you been loving recently?
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