Weekly Links // No.2


>> Love the look of this polenta pie and this vegan herbal broth recipe

>> Really enjoying
this series right now. Attenborough is always a favourite.

>> Finding a lot of wisdom in
this book I’m currently reading.

>> My body is craving slow, restorative movement right now, so
this gentle yin yoga practice has been perfect.

>> Just ordered
this CBD oil, which we tried at the beginning of the year. CBD is gaining so much popularity right now and from personal experience we can totally understand why! In the past it’s really helped us sleep better and calms my stomach when I feel stressed/anxious.

>> Medicine Stories is one of my favourite podcasts, & I loved
this 2 part episode with herbalist Anja Robinson about womb wisdom, women’s health and addiction.

>> Inspired by
this insight for December by mystic mamma

- images via tumblr -

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