Weekly Links // No.7

Victor Higgins piece Taos, New Mexico.jpg

1// We were interviewed by the amazing website the moon and spoon and yum. Go look at our interview here where we talk all things food, inspiration & travel!

2// We’ve just opened up our etsy page with handmade jewellery inspired by our travels in South America. Go have a look here

3// This raw chocolate has been on sale in our local health shop and we’re totally obsessed. Sounds unusual, tastes incredible.

4// Excited to dive into this podcast series.

5// Inspired by this Instagram post

6// Implementing the method from this book has been totally life changing for me (Gabriella). I’ve tracked my monthly cycles for years to keep track of where I’m at, but the FAM method has taught me so much about my body and enabled me to know exactly when I’m ovulating and how my hormones are changing throughout my cycle. I really recommend this book to anyone with a female reproductive system!

7// Resonated with this interview about plant medicines.

photo sources: @deltavenus via Tumblr, Victor Higgins Taos New Mexico

What things have you been enjoying recently?