Travel Essentials - Herbal & Sustainable Products

In a few days we leave for a 6 month trip to India and Nepal. Our packing pile is growing taller and we’re beginning to feel so excited about all the adventures to come. We wanted to share with you some of our travel essentials that we’re bringing with us to keep healthy and happy on the road. If you’ve been to India, you’ll know how shocking it can be to witness the huge amounts of rubbish on almost every street corner. We feel determined to travel as sustainably as possible during this trip and avoid using single use plastics. We intend to tread lightly and respectfully, doing what we can to help the situation rather than adding to the problem. Another big priority is caring for our bodies and keeping energised. The inconsistency of travel can be a real stress to the body, so we have some natural remedies and products to help us feel our best.

If you have any more tips or recommendations we would love to hear from you! We also have this post with some extra tips about how to stay healthy while backpacking.

Travel Essentials Herbal Natural Remedies Supplements

Herbal Remedies / Supplements

for burns, cuts, stressful moments & sleepless nights.
Tea Tree Oil incredibly antibacterial. SO healing for cuts, infections, bites etc.
Lemongrass Oil is amazing as a natural insect repellent

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL | a natural remedy for food poisoning, indigestion, bloating or to take at any sign of a stomach issue.

PROBIOTICS | a good quality probiotic to help strengthen our gut flora - an essential for us in somewhere like India, where digestion is put under a lot of stress.

WORMWOOD CAPSULES | a herb to help clear parasites or toxins if we’re feeling unwell or have a case of ‘Delhi belly’

ADAPTOGENIC TINCTURE | on our last trip to India we ended up feeling quite burnt out and exhausted. This trip, I wanted to bring some adaptogens to strengthen our bodies and help adapt to the stresses of travel. We’re bringing this tincture of schizandra, rhodiola, gotu kola and siberian ginseng,

B COMPLEX VITAMIN | In more attempt to avoid burn out we’ll be bringing some B vitamins to help with energy. I like this variety which is especially high in B6, as it helps the liver flush out excess hormones caused by stress.

INSECT REPELLENT | On our last trip we made a really effective natural insect repellent using essential oils. We found we had so many less bites than fellow travellers who were using harsh, toxic DEET on their skin. We use a recipe from the book ‘A Fragrant Pharmacy’ which combines a ratio of the following essential oils with distilled water and witch hazel (or high-proof vodka) - 8 drops lemongrass oil, 4 drops thyme oil, 4 drops peppermint oil & 4 drops lavender oil.

GOOD QUALITY SALT | It can sometimes be really difficult to find high quality salt abroad, and we’ve found it to be really helpful for dehydration. On days when we’ve been walking around in the heat and sweating a lot, we add a pinch to our water to remineralise.

NATURAL REHYDRATION SOLUTION | We will bring a homemade elcoctrolyte mix in case of diahorrea or dehydration. There are hundreds of recipes online for these but the basic ingredients are good quality salt, bicarbonate of soda, sugar (we’ll use coconut sugar) and dried ginger.

Travel Essentials Sustainable Zero Waste

Sustainable Travel Essentials

KLEAN KANTEEN BOTTLES | We love Klean Kanteen bottles - we both have a 40z (1.2 litres) and one 900ml bottle which we use every single day. They are incredible quality and we can tell they will last a life time.

SURVIVAL PRO WATER FILTER | After a lot of research we’ve just invested in this water filter for our trip. This filter not only makes tap water safe to drink, but it also filters out heavy metals. We really want to avoid buying any plastic bottles during our trip and this felt like the best solution for our health and the planet.

MENSTRUAL CUP | Buying my moon cup is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! A menstrual cup is an essential to avoid using tampons or pads that will go to landfill.

STAINLESS STEEL CUPS | we love to be able to make herbal teas in the mornings so these mugs are really useful. Also really handy if we go out for juice and the only other option is plastic cups.

METAL STRAWS - We plan to always keep these in our day bag to avoid ever using plastic straws. They come in a sweet little cotton bag too!

CUTLERY, KNIFE & TUPPERWARE | All of these are so useful if you ever plan to cook when travelling or want to store snacks for journeys. We use this opinel knife which is really high quality and perfect for chopping fruit. You can purchase bamboo cutlery or we bring fork/spoon from home.

COTTON BAGS | Another absolute essential which we always have with us if we’re abroad or not! We use these whenever we buy anything to avoid plastic bags.

BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH | We love these sustainable toothbrushes with charcoal bristles.

Natural Toiletries

Travel Essentials Natural Toiletries

NATURAL SUNCREEN | We swear by This hemp sunscreen for body and I love this for face.

ANTIBACTERIAL SPRAY | This Dr Bronner’s lavender spray is really useful for train/bus journeys.

LIVING LIBATIONS SOOTHSAYER SERUM | Living Libations is my favourite ever company - their products encompass all of mama nature’s beauty. This serum has been so healing for my skin the past few months and is rich with high quality oils of sandalwood, frankincense and rose. It’s a higher price range but is so potent that only a few drops are needed.

LYONSLEAF BEAUTY BALM | This calendula infused balm is ideal for travel as it is multi purpose. I love to use it as a cleanser, which I remove with a hot flannel, and it feels like it melts away all the stress from the day. It can also be used as a moisturiser and to help heal scars or cuts!

GUA SHA | Gua sha and jade rollers have had a lot of publicity recently. I started using this gua sha a few months ago and really love the ritual of massaging my face and neck with it. Not only does it feel incredible to really take the time to care for your skin, but it’s great for draining the lymph and moving circulation around the body. This video shows the technique I’ve been following.

What are some of your natural or sustainable travel tips? We would love to hear any recommendations from you below!

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San Agustín, Huila (Colombia)

After 3 months in the city we had itchy feet. We could hear Mother Nature’s call echoing in the wind… convincing us to set off to some place more wild. Also, we just really wanted to go on a nice holiday – drink wine in hammocks, read our books and dreamily throw away our alarm clocks for forever more.


So we planned a mini adventure during our week off for Semana Santa. First a few days in San Agustín before heading to Putumayo to the edge of the Amazon!

As soon as we arrived in San Agustín we felt this huge sense of relief and calm that we’d been missing in the big city. It sounds cliche, but we needed a big dose of Colombian countryside to magic us back to normal. So the sweet little village of San Agustin seemed like the perfect place for our wine-in-hammock daydreaming...


Surrounded by hills of forest green, the air felt perfectly fresh and crisp as we ventured from our bamboo cabin each morning. The town itself is quiet and pleasant, with a mixture of quaint streets, artisan shops and friendly locals.


San Agustín is famous for its archaeological parks and somewhat mystical past. Over 500 ruins and tombstones have been discovered in this area, but incredibly, very little is known about the people who once lived here.

Many of the ruins and carvings here are up to 2000 years old, resembling a mysterious mixture of human, monsters and sacred animals. Visiting the ruins is a pretty nice day activity and is perfect for getting out into the town’s picturesque green surroundings.


There are a few archaeological sites  to visit, but we just opted for the main one (Parque Arquelogico) which is UNESCO world heritage site and has the main collection! On day two, we did a mini hike to la chaquira, which ends with incredible hillside views that make you feel small in the best way possible. 


Aside from this, we have to admit that the rest of our time in San  Agustín was happily spent in this little spot...


But that's what holidays are for, right? 

Life in Cali (March Update)

Here's a little peak into our world this month - the new, the old and the tasty..



So we're pretty settled into life in Cali now. After so many months of dorm rooms and travel, our backpacks stuffed full like fat little pastries, we're actually pretty happy to unpack, slow down and have a 'normal person' routine going on for a while. 

Not that we're becoming too normal or applying for a mortgage anytime soon ...(sorry mum).


But anyway, as far as big South American cities go, Cali is a really cool, energetic place to live. It isn't the prettiest place in Colombia, but there really is such a lively atmosphere here and such a noticeable rhythm of life amongst the peeople.  Caleños are generally very happy people -  the sun shines bright in Cali and they love to dance salsa, so that's probably why!

The central part of the city is loud, busy and unapolagetically chaotic. The hot streets are paved with vendors selling everything from guarapo (sugar cane juice) to tea towels to little pots of shredded mango.


We're living in San Antonio, a pretty little barrio in the northern part of the city. This is where most of the hostels are, but it's also got good foodie spots (with tons of vegetarian restaurants), nice street art and independent little shops. There's even a beautiful spice shop (La Bascula) with every spice you can think of and different dhals to choose from.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find different spices in Colombia, so we were pretty happy cooks when we found ourselves here!



Now we've finally got our own place, we've been going a little crazy with fermenting things! This month we've been making fennel infused sauerkraut, pickled jalapenos, fermented carrots with mustard seeds, preserved limes and kombucha.
We plan on doing some recipes for a few of the above soon, but in the mean time here's our recipe for kombucha



One of the best films we've seen recently is 'El Abrazo de la Serpiente' (The Embrace of the Serpent)- A magical colombian film based around indigenous culture and the beautiful nature of the Amazon. Really reccomend this to anyone interested in traveling or different cultures!


We also watched the documentary 'Cowspiracy' on Netflix recently... Completely mind blowing and a big eye opener to how the meat/dairy industry is effecting global warming right now. It's co produced by Leonardo Dicaprio and is on Netflix if that's a big enough seal of approval! 



30 days of Journalling via The Messy Heads 

I (Gabby) love the messy Heads blog, a really cool online space for creative, messy, cool women! If you like writing or doing a daily journal, this list of prompts is a really self reflective/fun way to change up your writing for a month! 


Happy Easter everyone! X

Varanasi – Life, death and the world’s best Lassi

I’d never really faced death so closely until we arrived in Varanasi. This enchanting, unforgetble place is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Built along the holy river Ganges, it's here that the beginnings and endings of life are woven together to create something truly extraordinary.


Many Hindus believe that dying in Varanasi offers Moshka – freedom from the cycle of birth and death in order to reach nirvana. Thousands of pilgrims travel here every day to prepare themselves for death. People bathe in the Ganges, drink from it to cleanse their sins and offer their cremated loved ones to the holy water. It's no doubt that this can be an overwhelming place - the demanding heat, burning corpses and endless hassle can leave you feeling both physically/emotionally tired. But we promise It's more than worth it to persevere! 

Strolling along the Ghats is a fascinating, almost twisted-dream for anyone who loves to people watch. From children’s swimming lessons in the river to groups of mourning families and wandering sadhus –it’s incredible to witness a place bursting with so much life and death in one single moment. 


And so, Varanasi instills such an indescribable feeling in so many of its visitors. To see these intimate acts of religion displayed so publically is so contrasting to our own private culture. But intensity aside, it’s hard not to be astounded by this crazy, magical city that celebrates both life and death in such a unique way. 


Although strolling along the Ghats and through the ever-winding alleys is a great way to see the city, a sunrise/sunset boat ride is the most popular way to see the streams of life that run through the Ganges. We joined a sunset boat ride which slowly rode us along the Ghats, ending with a perfect view of the famous evening ceremony.

As hundreds of people sung from the Ghats, the golden fires reflecting upon the water and clouds of smoke filling the air, this definitely felt like one of the most surreal experiences of our lives so far. We didn't even take any photos as we were so consumed by the whole moment – either way I’m not sure they could do it justice!

Sleepy dogs in hidden corners  

Sleepy dogs in hidden corners  

No surprises - we also found some delicious food in Varanasi, including (probably) the best Lassis in the world from ‘Blue Lassi Shop’. For those new to Lassi, this is a tasty Indian drink made with fresh yoghurt, water and often fruits and spices.


Blue Lassi Shop is no secret to Varanasi, in fact it’s got a pretty legendary reputation as being one of the oldest joints in the city to churn out incredible Lassis. Served in rustic clay pots with mounds of delicate toppings and a spoon – each Lassi is incredibly thick, creamy and so tasty. Definitely the best Lassi we had in the whole of India. There’s a huge amount of flavour options – we tried quite a few, but our favourite was this perfect mango and coconut one.

Blue Lassi is also famous amongst travellers for its strong Bhang Lassis. Drink one of these before a river boatride, and you're guaranteed to have a crazy, dazzling trip of a lifetime.


We also found some delicious dosas hidden away amongst the faded alleyways. Dosa is a thin, crispy pancake made from fermented rice. This one was stuffed with cashews and vegetables, served up with spicy samba and dreamy coconut chutney! 


So happily tired and with our bellies satisfied, we left the wonder of Varanasi to head onwards to Agra. So for anyone planning a trip to India, make sure this city is on your list. This true experience of the senses is something you won’t forget for a very long time….