Guacamole Cucumber Curls

We're so happy to share our first food post on this blog! 

Travelling is always one of our main inspirations for new recipes and our recent trip in India has given us so many ideas that we can't wait to share! For us, there's simply nothing better than recreating a favourite dish, bringing back to life those special memories and adding in a healthier twist whenever possible.

Having said that, after 6 months of Indian cuisine, our first cravings when home were all towards fresh, summer ingredients. We made these gorgeous cucumber rolls from Deliciously Ella's incredibly popular cookbook, which served as the perfect canapes for a Summer barbecue. Fingers crossed for more of this sunny weather! 

SO WE GO- Guacamole Cucumber Curls
SO WE GO - Guacamole Cucumber Curls

Makes 16 Rolls
1 Large Cucumber 
1 Avocado 
1 Lime 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Salt/Pepper 
Optional additions: fresh coriander, dried chilli flakes 

1. Start off by using a vegetable peeler to slowly peel thick strips from the whole length of a cucumber. Try to peel these strips as long and wide as possible by putting pressure down as you go. Discard the very middle section of the cucumber, as this will be too soggy for the rolls. (We ate ours!) 

2. Slowly roll each length of cucumber peel into a circular shape. You'll want to roll these at tight as possible, but leave a small central hole for the filling. If necessary, use a rubber band to hold each cucumber roll in place whilst you prepare the guacamole. 

3. Guacamole time! Use a knife to finely chop up a ripe avocado. If you also want to use a fork to mash this up finer then that's great too! We like to drench our guacamole in the juice of a lime,  a generous pinch of sea salt and a lot of black pepper. If you have any fresh coriander then this would be a great addition diced up and mixed in!  

4. Using a small spoon, start filling the centre of the cucumber curls with the guacamole. We liked to pile ours up high so as to get a good ratio of cucumber/avocado in each mouthful! Repeat until all the curls are full, drizzle the plate with some extra virgin olive oil and enjoy!